December 1, 2016

Dog Talker’s Bio

Glenn is a natural born animal communicator. 

His attunement with dogs was apparent from the early age of five when he was given a dog of his own. Tonto, a fox terrier maltese cross, was a stray who came with separation and anxiety issues. Glenn bonded quickly with Tonto, and saw the dog’s need for love, security, socialization, and structure. Under Glenn’s care, unwanted insecure behaviours ceased and Tonto revealed his true nature: playful, confident, happy.

Glenn’s affinity with dogs continued to grow and influence his relationships. As a young adult, Glenn observed that people and dogs:

  •  Flourish in relationships that are stable and balanced.
  • Are influenced by the moods and behaviours of those among them.
  • Have different needs and behave best when those needs are met.

Inspired and moved by these realizations, Glenn felt his calling was to be of service in forming a healthy bond between dogs and humans.

For more than ten years Glenn worked in Vancouver, BC with various dog trainers, helping to build harmonious relationships between dogs and their care-givers.

In 2003, Glenn established Dog Talk Ventures, a behavioural program for dogs and their owners. Its success is built upon:

  • Love for dogs and a gift of animal communication.
  • Passion and commitment to peaceful co-existence between dogs and people.
  • Scientifically proven and psychologically sound techniques.
  • Sweat and hard work.
  • Dedication to the joyful rewards of human-dog relationships.

Glenn feels blessed to be instrumental in helping dogs and their care-givers live happily and peacefully together.