December 1, 2016


DogTalk is a unique program intended to safely and gradually replace your dog’s unwanted behaviours with those that are socially appreciated both inside and outside of the home.

The program is structured for maximum effectiveness,  and also flexible enough to accommodate a style that complements your lifestyle.

The program follows a multi step process:

Step 1: The Assessment

An initial assessment allows Glenn to meet you, get acquainted with your dog, and observe the living environment and behaviours in the home.

You will be asked details about your dog’s medical, social, and emotional history, as well as any underlying circumstances that you feel may be contributing to his or her issues.

In this visit, Glenn earns your dog’s trust as a dependable, predictable, stable packleader.

Fee: $100     Duration: 1 hour

Step 2:  Daytrips

Step 2 is the bulk of the program and follows a disciplined and structured routine.

It begins with morning pickup in the DogTalk van. Pickup is followed by a strictly supervised van ride during which dogs are encouraged to socialize and learn instinctual pack behaviour.

Rain or shine, the pack has a one hour supervised training session in the mountainous natural beauty of North Vancouver.

Teaching your dog the proper way to behave in public requires the assistance of a whole pack of dogs. The Daytrips allow your dog to establish his/her place in the dog pack hierarchy and learn socialization skills amongst his canine kind.

Glenn’s right hand dog, Mr. Wong, is the canine pack leader and instrumental in creating an environment of safety and security.

Day trips require that your dog be ready for pick up 3 days a week from 8-9.30am until drop-off at 3.00-4.30pm.

Fee: $40 per day trip    Duration: 6 months, payable monthly.

Step 3: Care-giver Training

Understanding the behaviours of your dog requires an honest look at how you are managing your own leadership skills.

Never rough, always assertive…Dog Talk Ventures teaches you to modify your behaviour so that you communicate effectively with your dog, and show him who is in charge, in a calm and direct manner.

These modifications are introduced slowly and over time so that neither dog nor owner are overwhelmed. Simple changes introduced slowly lead to bigger noticeable improvements.

Given that all beings are unique, Dog Talk appreciates that different styles of leadership and management work for different people and dogs.

The personal nature of this program allows Glenn to give you training tips and techniques that are suitable and easy for you to administer.

Duration: Ongoing throughout the program

Step 4: Follow Up

Old habits can be hard to unlearn and new habits sometimes require a refresher.

Follow Up ensures that the skills learned by the dog and owner in the program are being maintained.

Followup sessions are arranged at the owner’s convenience after the program ends.